Robinson & Blazer LLP
Proudly serving clients in Decatur, Georgia,
and surrounding communities
Proudly serving clients in Decatur, Georgia, and surrounding communities

Appellate Experience That Is Hard To Match

When court procedures are portrayed in television and movies, appeals are rarely ever the focus. Appellate work may not be glamorous in the traditional sense, but it is crucial to the clients involved in a given case, and appeals are often where important case law is written.

At Robinson & Blazer, LLP, our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in civil appellate work. The firm regularly argues cases in the Georgia Court of Appeals and the state Supreme Court. Our attorneys have even appeared before the United States Supreme Court. To date, there are over 39 published appellate opinions in which our lawyers are listed as the attorneys of record.

Client Success Starts With Attorney Preparation

There are two primary factors needed in a successful appeal: writing a strong brief and delivering an effective oral argument. We know how to do both, and we always come prepared. The firm’s two partner attorneys have been practicing law for a combined total of nearly 50 years. In that time, they have earned numerous professional accolades and have been recognized for excellent legal service by courts in DeKalb County and throughout the state of Georgia.

Whenever we take a case, we are prepared to see that case through all levels of appeal, regardless of which side files the appeal. We will also represent clients on an appeal even if a different law firm originally handled the case.

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